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New Releases

Cambridge 24th September 2015   BlueCreation's advanced Bluetooth Smart and Dual Mode Audio Bluetooth module BC127 and BC118 have today been granted Japan (JRF) and Korea P.R. (KC) certifications.    Liam Arnold, Manager for BlueCreation stated “The BlueCreation team are pleased to now be able to offer these modules in South Korea and Japan. This makes it easier for our customers to sell their successful products using the advanced and innovative features of BC127 and BC118. These products can be for example Audio equipment, Remote Controls, Industrial Equipment, Measuring Systems, iBeacons and other". ....Read more



 BC127-HD DISKIT is the discovery kit for the BC127-HD module. 

The BC127-DISKIT is a small form factor evaluation board for the BC127-HD. The BC127-HD DISKIT is powered by USB. It exposes all the modules Pin interfaces via headers. The BC127-HD DISKIT has a UART to USB converter running at 1Mb/s for direct connection of the UART to a PC.

 •UART connection through UART Pinout or USB via FTDI chip (1Mb/s)

•USB powered

•Stereo Line-In, Mic-In and Stereo out

•Pins brought out for I2S, PCM/I2S, UART, I2C and GPIOs

•Can be upgraded with latest Melody firmware

BC127: Siri and OK Google VR Demo

A brief demonstration of the toggle VR functionality using BC127 on an iOS and Android device. 

BC127: Dual A2DP Demo

A brief demo showing the new dual A2DP feature using BC127 with the latest Melody firmware.

BC127-HD: aptX-HD Demo

A demo of how to configure and play audio using the aptX-HD codec on the BC127-HD discovery board.

BC127: TWS High Performance (Delay Measurement)

 A demo of the high performance of BC127 using True Wireless and the delay measurement using Picoscope Oscilloscope.


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Range: Up to 30m
Radio: Dual Mode
Capabilities: Data and Audio
Interfaces: UART, AIO, GPIO, USB, SPI, Audio In, Mic In, PCM, I2S, SPDIF, I2C