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New Releases

Cambridge 24th September 2015   BlueCreation's advanced Bluetooth Smart and Dual Mode Audio Bluetooth module BC127 and BC118 have today been granted Japan (JRF) and Korea P.R. (KC) certifications.    Liam Arnold, Manager for BlueCreation stated “The BlueCreation team are pleased to now be able to offer these modules in South Korea and Japan. This makes it easier for our customers to sell their successful products using the advanced and innovative features of BC127 and BC118. These products can be for example Audio equipment, Remote Controls, Industrial Equipment, Measuring Systems, iBeacons and other". ....Read more


BC127-DEVKIT is the development kit for the BC127 module. 
BC127-DEVKIT is a complete system to build an App-cessory: BC127-DEVKIT comes with a BC127 module loaded with Melody Audio. It is also delivered with source codes and libraries for sample SmartPhones Applications. Included with the kit are MELODY-AND-APP and MELODY-IOS-APP.
The BC127-DEVKIT can be powered by battery or USB. It exposes all the modules Pin interfaces via headers, includes a USB to SPI level shifter onboard for flashing the module. BC127-DISKIT has a UART to USB converter running at 4Mb/s for direct and fast connection to a PC. It also can be delivered with an Apple Corprocessor for MFI licensees.

•UART connection through RS232, UART Pinout or USB via FTDI chip (4Mb/s)

•USB or battery powered (Lithium battery included)

•USB to SPI level shifter on board for directly flashing code on BC127 

•RJ45 interface for Flashing using external USB to SPI level shifter
•Stereo Line-In, Mic-In and Stereo out
•Version available with Apple co-processor for MFI licensees
•Pins brought out for I2S, PCM/I2S, UART, I2C and GPIOs
•Delivered with all Melody Android and iOS sample Apps
•Can be upgraded with latest Melody firmware


BC127: Melody Classic Android Demo

A brief demonstration of sending and receiving data using the Melody Classic Application on an Android device with BC127.

Sample App Download

BC127: Melody Classic iOS Demo

A brief demonstration of sending and receiving data using the Melody Classic Application on an iOS device with BC127. 

BC127: MelodySmart Android Demo

A brief demonstration of sending and receiving data using the MelodySmart Application on an Android device with BC127. 

Sample App Download

BC127: MelodySmart iOS Demo

A brief demonstration of sending and receiving data using the MelodySmart Application on an iOS device with BC127.

Sample App Download

BC127: Siri and OK Google VR Demo

A brief demonstration of the toggle VR functionality using BC127 on an iOS and Android device. 

BC127: Dual A2DP Demo

A brief demo showing the new dual A2DP feature using BC127 with the latest Melody firmware.

BC127: TWS High Performance (Delay Measurement)

 A demo of the high performance of BC127 using True Wireless and the delay measurement using Picoscope Oscilloscope.

BC127: Melody Audio Proximity Demo using iOS

 Melody Audio Proximity demo using two BC127 Development Kits and an iOS device.

Sending Audio over iAP on iPhone

 Since the BC127 can transfer data over IAP at high speeds, we did a demo showing Audio being transfered from the BC127 to the iPhone using the IAP data link which we thought was quite cool. The Audio is uncompressed 16Khz/16bit in this example. The Wave file is sent to the UART of the BC127 which then sends it via Bluetooth to the iPhone.

BC127: Highspeed Throughput over iAP2 Demo

A demonstration showing the high speed throughput over iAP2 using a BC127 module. A speed of about 740kbit/s is achieved from the BC127 to the iOS device and a speed of about 550kbit/s is achieved from the iOS device to the BC127. 

BC127: Libratone
Libratone used BC127-aptX to receive High Quality Audio to its ZIPP, LOOP and DIVA speakers. Here is the promotional video for the LOOP, an extremely nice and very stylish scandinavian product.
BC127: Glowdeck
This is a demo of Glowdeck using real-time control, conternt, over-the-air firmware updates via BLE using the Streams app for iPhone and the BC127 The technology can be bought at
BC127: Metz Topas TV
Metz used BC127 in the Topas TV series to receive, but also transmit audio over Bluetooth. Topas also uses BC127 to connect to external speakers over Bluetooth. Here is a demo in German of the Bluetooth functionality on Metz Topas TV. 
BC127: Antique Radio
Scott Lumsden spent a few months turning a 70 year old Zenith Radio into a sophisticated Bluetooth speaker using BC127, 8 RGB LEDs, new speakers and amplifier, a motorized dial and 5 custom Arduino-compatible boards. A very nice project indeed.  
BC127: FlowCode V6
Jordy Kleian connected to a BC127 using Flowcode V6 from MatrixMultimedia. He then streamed music to speakers connected via Bluetooth. Check it out. 

BC127: I2S Setup and Test using TI

 A brief demonstration showing I2S setup and testing using a BC127 Development Board running Melody and Texas Instruments TLV320AIC33 EVM Board.

BC127: Audio Routing in Melody 5.7 RC7

 A brief demonstration of audio routing using BC127 in Melody 5.7 RC7.

BC127: Remote Commands Over BLE

 A brief demonstration explaining and showing how to send remote commands over BLE using BC127. 

BC127: Commands over USB

 Demo showing how to send commands over USB using the BC127 module.

BC127: Creating a Multi-Connection

 Demonstration video explaining how to create a mutli connection between two Bluetooth enabled smartphones and one BC127 module.

BC127: Initial Set Up Guide

 An introductory guide showing the initial set up of the BC127 Discovery Kit. This guide shows an unboxing of the BC127 Discovery Kit as well as how to create an initial connection using the Discovery Board, Melody firmware and a Smartphone to play audio. 

BC127: HID Client Tutorial

 This demo shows how to connect a BC127 as a keyboard to a keyboard or any HID device to a BC127 module and receive HID reports. Note that HID works simultaniously with all other BC127 functionality (Multi-connection, Audio, Bluetooth Low energy).

BC127: True Wireless and BLE remote

 This Tutorial is to show a True Wireless Connection and a remote control controlling the speakers.

BC127: iBeacon Demo

 This demo is to show the BC127 behaving as an iBeacon. this feature works with all the other features simultaneously such as music, call and Phone book access.

BC127: Multiconnection HFP

This video quality is poor but this is a tutorial to show how multi-connection works and one can switch from one phone call to another using the HFP connection. 

BC127: Multiconnection Demo and Tutorial

 This demo is to show how to switch Audio streams between multiple connected devices. So one can chose which Audio to play from the module.

BC127: True Wireless Stereo Tutorial

 This short video is to help developers using Melody 5.2 and above to set-up a wireless connection between BC127-DEVKIT or BC127-DISKIT. It shows which UART configurations and commands to use.

BC127: Low latency Audio

This is a demo that shows the BC127 with low latency Audio. Two BC127 development boards are connected and one is streaming Audio to the other one using aptX-Low Latency. The latency measured is 40ms.

BC127: True Wireless Stereo

This Demo is showing 2 x BC127 with a wireless connection and acting as synchronised left and right speakers. This technology in included in BC127 and is also sometimes called True Wireless Stereo.

BC127: Connecting to Android over BLE

Android has released Bluetooth Low Energy with Android 4.3 . So we have here a demo of BC127 connecting to a Nexus 4.0 with Android 4.3 over Bluetooth Low Energy, this is working with BlueCreation Android Melody Smart application available at

BC127 Access to text messages

 This video is to show how BC127 can access the text messages (SMS) that the iOS device receives . This is done using the MAP profile (Messaging Access Profile).

BC127 Upgrading Modules

 This video is to show how to use the BlueCreation DFU tool to upgrade Melody software on a Diskit-001. the same procedure can be used to upgrade any module on a PCB while having the UART connected or to upgrade a dev-kit .

BC127 connecting to a PC

 This is a short demo showing how to use the BC127 to connect to a PC via Bluetooth using the Serial Protocol Profile (SPP). This shows how to search for Bluetooth Devices on the PC, find the BC127 and establish a connection.

BC127: Absolute Volume
This video is a demo where we can see that the BC127 can control the volume tap on the iPhone. This is using the new advanced feature of A2DP which is Absolute volume. So now the device (Wireless Speaker or other) can control the volume on your Smart Phone music player. This allows for adjusting the best sound quality.


BC127: Audio cable replacement

This small demo is the discovery board connecting to another BC127 discovery board and streaming music. A very simple way to use BC127 to create a wireless Audio link.

BC127: Connecting to an iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy

 This video shows how to connect to an iPhone application using the BC127 with the BC127-DEVKIT001. The iPhone application can then send/receive text via Bluetooth Low Energy to the module and the module UART interface.

BC127: Setting Up BC127-DEVKIT001

This video shows the setting up of the BC127-DEVKIT001. You can see how the USB enumerates as a COM port and how to communicate using the PC via that COM port and send commands

BC127: Connecting to Android Phone

This video uses a BC127-DEVKIT001 and shows how to connect to an Android Phone application. You will be able to send and receive Data from the application and receive them via the UART on the BC127 module


Document Name Doc # Last Updated    Type
Application Notes
BC127 Melody DFU Tool App Note
mel-dfu-appnt-1421767341.pdfPDF (542 KB)
BC127 Melody Audio I2S and TLV320AIC33 Test Setup
an-melody-i2s-tlv320aic33-r2-1431096531.pdfPDF (1 MB)
BC127 Configuring I2S in Melody
an-melody-i2s-r40-1436972670.pdfPDF (322 KB)
BC127 Melody 5.5 Configuring IAP
melody-an_configuring_iap_2-1426064469.pdfPDF (2 MB)
BC127 Melody and Windows 7 SPP
mel-wndws7-spp-1421767729.pdfPDF (350 KB)
BC127 Tests
tests---bc127---050816-1470388838.zipZIP (133 KB)
BC127 Commands Over USB
bc127-usbapp-001-1434631086.pdfPDF (472 KB)
BC127 Power Measurement App Note
bc127-powmeas-003-1430305619.pdfPDF (442 KB)
BC127 Antenna Layout Guidelines
bc127-apn-antlay-1422886437.pdfPDF (251 KB)
BC127 DevKit Programming Using CSR BlueFlash
bc127-an_programming_bc127_devkit-1423054737.pdfPDF (926 KB)
BC127 Melody Reducing Power Consumption
bc127-mel-redpwrcnsm-apnt-1421765387.pdfPDF (198 KB)