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Melody 6.0 I2S parameter definition

I am using the online Melody 6.0 information (// to configure a BC127 module to receive over I2S 32-bit stereo audio sampled at 48 kHz.  I do not understand the terms used in the Melody specification, however.  I'm probably missing something, but have looked through the I2S standard and other Melody info (including video and pre-6.0 app notes) but could not get this straightened out.  Specifically, I have these remaining questions:

What means "Bit clock scaling factor" in param1?  If it is a scaling factor, what is being scaled? Or, is it just the BCLK rate (32 * 2 * 48000)?

Master Mode:  Is this a 1 for BC127=master and 0 for BC127=slave, or other way around? (Bit 11 of param2)

What does it mean when "Audio attenuation is applied over 24 and 20 bits of incoming data"? What does this mean when the I2S is delivering 32-bit words to the BC127? (Bit 7 of param2)

What "Justify resolution" should be used if the I2S is left-justified with MSB first?  (Bits 3:4 of param2)

What is the effect of starting Tx or Rx in the different wclk phases? (Bits 1 and 0 of param2)

Thanks for any help can be offered.  


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